The Team

A body of voluntary Board members, members from the local community, administers the Association.

The Board members attend four meetings a year, plus an annual Garden Party that includes all residents and other invited guests.

The two paid employees are the Treasurer, and the Secretary/Administrator who carries out the day-to-day management.


If you are interested in accommodation at 10 The Green, Marlborough, and there no flats are currently vacant, you may apply to join the waiting list.

For further details, please contact the Secretary. 

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Credentials and Governance

 MDHA is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 on charitable rules, and is registered under the Homes and Communities Agency Registration No. L1031, and also as a member of the Homes and Communities Agency

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All electrical and plumbing repairs must be carried out by the MDHA-approved contractors.  General maintenance is carried out by the MDHA-approved contractors.  Please contact the Secretary if you have any requirements.

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